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All You Need To Know About The Coachella Packing List

General - Emmett - December 23, 2020

Every year at the Coachella Valley Music Festival, thousands and thousands of people descend on the Coachella Valley to drink, eat and party while dancing with artists performing their performances on five different stages. Due to immense popular demand, Coachella has expanded into two back-to-back festivals over the weekend. This means that the event will serve 200,000 people suffering from extreme heat, exhaustion and dehydration.

For a successful Coachella experience, circleintosquare is advising you to make sure you have the following items on your packing list:

  • Elastic hair bands (specially covered with fabric so as not to tear the hair)
  • Fork
  • Battery powered fan
  • Spray mr
  • Hand sanitizer or sanitary napkins
  • Napkins and napkins
  • ¬†¬†Bandages, sunburn relief gel, and triple antibiotic cream
  • Closed socks and shoes
  • Lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying clothing
  • A hat to cover your face
  • A water bottle that can be attached to your person easily
  • A fanny pack (only at a music festival can it look good), or a small backpack
  • Rent a locker to store your things
  • Bring a jacket and leggings or track pants in case of cold weather
  • A high SPF sunscreen
  • Something that brightens or sets you apart from the crowd in case your group can’t find you
  • Napkin to avoid dust
  • ear plugs
  • Eye mask
  • Hand wash, especially if you are not used to the dry weather
  • Any prescription medication you may need, especially if you tend to have asthma, allergies, or anything that can worsen heat, dust, and dehydration
  • Inflatable mattress and battery powered bellows

Finally, some other tips include:

  • Find the less popular water plant – you can recharge it faster
  • Use the bathroom and refill the water before the popular games end to avoid the crowds
  • When you’re in the crowd, be gentle, don’t push, and be patient. In general, the way you treat others is the way they treat you Coachella
  • Rent a locker
  • Spend some time in the interactive, air-conditioned tents.
  • Capture loads of photos and videos
  • Hop on the Ferris wheel for the best possible view of the entire festival.
  • When the last group is finished, wait for the crowd to avoid pushing and pulling them during the checkout process.
  • Don’t rely on cell phones to meet up. They will not work in congested areas. Select meeting times and places to meet your friends.
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